Denver Commercial Cleaning Strong

We are Ali and Annie and we love clean! We know it’s not a glamorous job, but it’s what we know and love and have been successful at for over 20 years!

Annie recently got married and she and her husband have a beautiful daughter. Annie and her husband plan on having more children in the near future. They love children and the fun and laughter that comes with having them. Annie moved to Colorado from the west coast and completely fell in love! She is a very organized individual with the passion and motivation to make a positive impact in the lives of her employees and staff. As a commercial cleaning business owner she realizes that she is the leader and is responsible for keeping the schedules organized and keeping her clients and staff up to date. She has wonderful organizational skills and takes pride in handling business. Ali has 2 amazing kids that keep her and her husband very busy. She moved to Denver in the late 1990’s and loves the fresh mountain air and the beautiful scenery that is Colorado. Together Ali and Annie started a commercial cleaning business that has now grown throughout much of the west. A life changing moment for them also led to the expanding of their business to a growing market of nursing homes. After moving Ali’s husbands 96-year-old Grandmother to Colorado., and setting her up in an Assisted Living Home, they noticed that the staff didn’t have much time for cleaning. The staff was always being called in many other directions, They were just too busy to make time to clean. Ali and Annie took it upon themselves to make a difference. They have worked with these facilities on outsourcing by choosing DCCS rather than relying on in-house cleaning done by their staff. They benefit from a high quality professional service without having to hire and manage full-time staff. It is more then a business to Ali and Annie it is a passion of theirs to help these businesses to free up management and nurses to focus on the residents and let DCCS focus on the cleaning.

Our goals are the same as many of our customers, to continue to grow our business and impress clients! That’s why we understand the importance of keeping your building clean. Having a clean work environment for your employees increases productivity levels and leaves a lasting impression on your clients! We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services customized to fit our clients needs. Contact us today!

We love clean, we know clean, and our business is to make your business shine.